The Texas-Israel Chamber provides dedicated business groups for members to facilitate new business opportunities between Texas and Israel. Committees are formed when the board of directors feels there is a strong economic Texas-Israel connection that will benefit from an organized business development group focused just on that industry.


The Energy Committee is focused primarily on building business opportunities for Texas Oil & Gas and energy-related companies in Israel, where a new Energy industry is being created thanks to the discovery and production of the largest offshore natural gas field ever discovered in the world, off the north shore of Israel. The Energy Committee currently has representatives from BP, Noble Energy, Alon USA, Zion Oil and other companies. If you would like more information about participating on the Water Committee, please contact Committee Chair Arie Brish, CXO 360.


The Water Committee is comprised of many of Israel’s most successful and innovative Water companies, like IDE Technologies, Netafim, Mekorot, Master Meter (Arad Group), as well as some very innovative Water companies from Texas. The Water Committee is focused on importing Israeli water technology to Texas to help Texans learn how to use and manage limited water supplies and provide water for the fastest growing state population in the US. For more information about the Water Committee, please contact Committee Chairs Mikey Oster, Alon USA, or Ari Feinstein, Annex Ventures.


The Healthcare Committee is comprised of companies and organizations interested in promoting collaboration in research and product development in the field of Healthcare. Anchored by UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Rabin Medical Center in Tel Aviv, this committee is open to any company or organization from Texas or Israel who is seeking new business or research opportunities in the field of Healthcare. Committee Chair: Dr. Greg Fitz, UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Committee is primarily focused in two areas: 1. Providing Israeli investors with real estate opportunities in Texas and, 2. Helping Israeli start-ups launch their business in the US by first establishing a physical presence in Texas. The Real Estate Committee is the newest of our dedicated business development groups and is represented by TransWestern, Shikun & Binui and other companies interested in this opportunity to work together. For more information about participating on the Real Estate Committee, contact Committee Chair, Dan Zeltser, TransWestern.