The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce is the primary resource for economic development between Texas and Israel.  It is a private, not-for-profit business organization which promotes business partnerships between both Lone Star States, and the political and community impacts which ensue. We are a members-based organization, and we work closely with the governments of Texas and Israel on behalf of our members.

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce has earned the reputation as one of the most successful and effective bi-national business organizations in the United States, delivering great value to Israeli companies seeking U.S. market entry, to American companies desiring entry into Israel and entrée to her incredible technologies, or to those looking for a powerful network to promote their products or services. Among all US states, Texas currently ranks as Israel’s 3rd largest trading partner and it is the second largest economy in the US.

Corporate Membership Benefits

As a corporate member of the Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce, you have our commitment to provide valuable benefits and resources to help you further grow and expand your business.

  • High Level Networking with government leaders in Israel and in Texas
  • Economic matchmaking for partners, customers, and investors
  • Industry Specific Business Development Committees
  • Membership Directory
  • Sponsorship opportunities of industry events

Ambassador Program

Who is an Ambassador?

  • An Ambassador deeply understands the importance of the US-Israeli relationship, and knows the critical role that Texas plays in anchoring it through economic, political, and social & religious ties
  • An Ambassador supports initiatives which bring our Lone Star State communities closer together, and selflessly invests in projects which will build relationships for generations to come

What is the role of an Ambassador?

  • Our Ambassadors spearhead initiatives to increase awareness and interest surrounding economic opportunities between Texas & Israel in order to integrate our economies & societies closer together within vast industries
  • Our Ambassadors play critical role in combatting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement by contributing to programs which promote increased trade and investment between Texas and Israel
  • Your support will allow us to make Texas the center of gravity between the US-Israeli relationship

Membership Levels

Business Membership Levels

Ambassador Membership Levels